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Nasdaq Chart

What I did something different last week. I shut off myself to watch other professional traders give the call for their followers. Like this “I’ll be watching…..”, “go within trendlines have to choose a direction if break above, then… if break below, then….”, “watching this out very very closely…”, “I hope it touches this 200MA soon, I watch this closely…”, “That’s the potential support level, I’ll be watching closely…”, “I see if it can touch Fibonacci %%…, then I watch closely”, “do note the market is extremely volatile”, “Those who swing, can consider taking but do take note…”, “Seems it’s likely….”.

Oh my god! I turn off. So you do?

Anyway last week, It’s not only close one eye but more towards relaxing to trade the market and taking good food and other good food, which I haven’t had it for a month. It’s been a great week because of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Relax, and Tuan Yuan (reunion) with love ones.

In the past two weeks, I wrapped up incredible trading and sharing. More and more, I am sharing things that my community and Mini Traders have never seen before. I am trying to share ALL type how to trade in today’s market. Impossible for me to share EVERYTHING, but it’s essential to meet the objective. That is to fish on their own to find trades. I believe every Mini Traders can make the judgment and fish their wealth because they already have the skills and continuously evolve to be their own style.

Together with my community as their trading tool, the sharing is fantastic. Mini Traders never loses. They either win or learn!

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