Wilmar Slow Intel Confidence with Profit

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Wilmar Chart
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No effort trade for Wilmar. Need more patience, though. I thought 1-day job I could take a profit last Friday but was only small unrealized gain. I am fed up to leave my opening positions over the weekend. Until one of the mini trader alert me that he took the profit already. I then see see look look and take take my profit too. Free up my fund to trade other stocks much better, Although I know the next move. Simply no greedy. Seeing profit take. Singapore market is too slow for me. However, I still occasionally share good trade with my community for reference and due diligence.

Intel Corp, I am for sure a buyer when it comes below the price I want. Simply add on weakness when pullback. What price am I looking for? You free, do check it out in my community group. Anyway, US stock is still my fave to trade, though. Again, seeing profit take even if it goes higher. No greedy.

Profit from Wilmar. Within 2 days. Traded 5000 units
Profit from Intel Corp. Within 1 day. Traded 1200 units

I still have two more opening positions to get out before exercising any new trade. How confidence and skillful we are, over-trade will kill us. I am looking forward to the next trade soon.

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