Wilmar Profit Took Second Round and Bear Market Trading Strategy

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Trading Wilmar second round in profit with mini size because it’s easy to interpret the Singapore bluechip market. I really test my patience for a week to get paid. But, I still continued to trade US stocks every night. US stock is fun as I can trade many rounds at the turning point within hours.

Use my community as your trading tool. Every move is spotted before it happens. Cherry-pick only when I started to share some stock picks in 1 week, hours or minutes earlier.

Skills can learn. Experience can earn. Your interest in stock trading is somewhat more looking forward.

Yesterday, the market sell-off is nothing more than presenting us full of opportunities in buying on weakness. I told my community yesterday about the first rebound and a sizing. I hinted Mini Traders for a limited downtrend when I know the first rebound come soon within hours. Then, I told the rest for this market, sizing strategy is the key. If you go in too huge or too fast. You do not have the size to build anything. You get stuck.

For instance, you want to buy a position with 400 units. You buy a hundred, fifty or eighty because it is obvious to you that we are in a market that’s pulling. You start to build positions. When the market starts to recover, and you get initial gap up or long bar up, you are done and make a profit. If you go in 400 huge, down 1 point, you shaken out already. That’s not call trading. With this market dropped more than 500 to 1000 points, most people usually hold a short position. Smart people start buying on weakness and adding on positions. The market goes green, we cash out, cash out, and cash out. In our community, we already know the market sell-off hard more than 2 days. And, I know the market yesterday is to go up and sell-off. Quick go up and sells off again. My objective is to build positions because we know the next move.

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