Mini Trader Useful Goodies 2020 : Wide Range Breakouts Trading Strategy

Today’s markets, the trading scenario and potential trade set-up that

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Wide Range Breakouts

that will offer the most relevant and significant probability of success.

It has been a while since I shared free goodies about trading strategies in my blog. It is perfectly ok to share free and good stuff with non-members who visit my website. People love freebies. For the best stuff, I will only share secrets in the Mini Community. One of the best things I share with Mini Traders is that they can learn newly discovered trading skills and strategies while making a profit from live guidance.

What is Wide Range Breakouts? How to see a clear technical patterns? Every time you look at the chart, skip the choppy trading range and look for a chart with a breakout above resistance. I named this set up “Wide Range Breakouts“. Simple!

You identify a company stock that has presented “Wide Range Breakouts” above recent resistance area/zone/wall. It is a sign of “Bullish” stock and leads to trend higher. Easy!

The stock has this “Wide Range Breakouts” set-up/pattern/indicator/signal, you will not see price reverse its move back below the breakout line anytime soon after. No brainer!

The chart below tells you everything about this simple, easy and no brainer trading set-up. You have no reason to make a loss.

Although this trading set-up is a vital reversal and continuation chart pattern, I hardly use it nowadays. The main reason is that I don’t look at the chart for my trading activity, which is another level. I call it a Pro’s Pro level, and I share in Mini Sharing session. The other reason is that I find slow. I have no patience and often trade before the breakout comes.

You visit my Facebook page in a recent post (#FUTURES). Mini Traders traded with huge profit first before the breakouts. For now, after this breakout, you noticed that this “Wide Range Breakouts” set-up has just happened on time. The question to ask yourself is. Are you able to tell a fake breakout or legitimate breakout? If there is a belief that range breakouts can provide extraordinary returns, your game plan often comes with stop loss. The stop loss must be well planned on the breakout line below to preserve the remainder of your capital. Having said that, because this “Wide Range Breakouts” trading set-up and strategy is very easy to spot and proven.

Here are the TIPs to know the potential “trend higher”.
Tip 1 : The clearer the breakout above resistance, the better.
Tip 2 : Lack of follow-through within a week and slipping back below the breakout line, the stock is not ready to move higher.

If you remain driven enough by my goodies for you about learning stock trading knowledge, it’s time to practice. These are the company stocks to watch closely for the week (Apr 13 – 17). $AMAT, $WGO, $XPO, $IAC.

Don’t you think these are “Wide Range Breakouts” set-up in place? If you are profiting from, congrats your level-up. Otherwise, congrats your level up by earning invaluable experience.

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