US Stocks – Scalp and Swing Trade

Stock trading in beer session
Tesla Symantec SM Energy Chart

I can’t help but trade the stock market last night, even I am on a short trip. Congrats to those interested to trade Tesla and Symantec last night.

Profit from Tesla. Within 8 minutes at the open, Traded 50 units.
Profit from Spirit Realty Capital. Within 20 minutes. Traded 100 units.
Profit from Symantec. Within 30 minutes. Traded 300 units.
Profit from Tesla again. Within 20 minutes. Traded 30 units instead.

Getting in, getting out and get paid. This style fits me. Occasionally, I do swing trade such as Slack Technologies and SM Energy. Yesterday, Slack Technologies closed at US$11.40 from US$40.20, and I added more SM Energy positions on weakness.

The importance of being profit in stock trading is to know your trading strategy after getting to know my trading skills. After all, everyone has their own style.

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