UOB – Profit Took With No Effort

Sentosa Singapore
UOB Chart
July5 IN Estimation

After check-out at a hotel, ding ding alert from my phone to notify the price target hit.

Profit from UOB and Singapore Futures. Within 1 day. Traded with mini size. This was a trade that walked from the peak down all the way to the next day. No effort.

Congrats to those trade together when I posted it in another public community yesterday. Click below to see my bearish alert.
You may ask “can I still enter now?”. Well, I cannot advise. Everyone has their own style. My style is getting in, getting out and get paid. I can find as many good trades as possible. It’s all about interest of trading stock.

I am in the midst of setting up own public community group using Telegram channel where a place for Asia traders like you who are interested in trading SG, US and Indices stock. In addition, it’s a place where the main focus is not just for better trading outcomes but also the good setup of a high-probability stock see by the traders who using my way will be shared and can be learned from it as a recap.

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