Trade With Hope Or Confidence

Singapore Breakfast

While having my breakfast, profit from Sembcorp Industries again within 2 days. It’s my 2nd time to trade the same counter. I told my community last 4 trading days ago that it’s a beautiful setup. I felt reluctant to trade this as a 2nd time because I do not have patience. Anyway, I close my eyes to trade and set the limit to profit.

1 SembcorpInd
2 SembcorpIndProfit

The feeling was great when I received a “cheer” record from one of Mini Trader. We are on the same page. We both got profit from Roku Inc 2 days ago. And last night, profit again for my 3rd-time trade from the same counter. The more it goes up, the more I am happy to bring it down with many reward points to get.

Last night, I shared with my community that the market Futures in red, I smile all day. The stock market is continued to present many opportunities for us. Facebook was a stock pick I shared with my community and social media readers by using PULLBACK TRADING STRATEGY. It’s powerful trading skills that I am no longer apply. However, it gets paid with patience. I intentionally took profit early from Facebook because it’s absolutely enough for me. I am easily contented and not greed. Importantly, keep telling myself not to over-trade. Enough is enough. Congrats in advance to traders if took the position and continued to hold. It’s a normal and simple chart reading skills. Any skillful trader can spot it.

2 FB

In my community, we trade with confidence rather than trade with hopes. Mini Traders are even the best that able to fish their own idea to trade and constantly evolve their own trading style. Where is the challenge when we know the movement? Plan the trade. Trade the plan accordingly.

InvestFair 2019 is coming soon. I do not see anyone as my competition. I am attending this event to look at how professional people present themselves in the market to sell their program, course, proprietary systems, signals and trading skills and techniques for their company. It is their job to do so, and their choice to do so, as well as their interest wants to do so. Over here, we rather than helping others through heartfelt contributions for better outcome.

I take a break, really, really, really and really. I know what to watch to learn to trade next week in my community — looking forward to next week.

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