Trade Broader Markets with Simple Skill. What’s Next?

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DJI Nasdaq DAX Chart

Thanks for the rainy day of these days. See outside nothing much except the beach, sea, sky, raining. I posted the opportunity to get ready two days ago then took action yesterday. It’s a normal chart reading skills. Congrats to traders took the trade.

Profit from Indices Futures such as Wall Street, Nasdaq and DAX. Within 7 hours. Traded with mini size. This was again a trade that walked from the peak down all the way before the US markets open.

It was fine to get in early when the US markets were closed. It was alright too when getting in late after the turning point. Knowing your strategy is important. My strategy was to trade in mini size and added the strength of Nasdaq and DAX, as these two positions do not require as much fund as Wall Street does.

Getting to know my way. You will get evolved. After all, everyone has their own style. Who knows, you will trade one after another in the future. Like this to trade and took profit UOB and Singapore Index first. Then, the second day to finish another trade altogether, Wall Street, Nasdaq, and DAX Futures.

After my staycation, after “Sell in May” and “G-20”, I probably do a simple market outlook and post this Sunday. No promise.

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