Roku Inc – Miniature Profit

Profit from Roku Inc (NASDAQ). Within 20 minutes. Traded 600 units. If you are an analyst who do fundamental analysis, you will not consider this

Apple Inc – Miniature Profit

Profit from Apple Inc (NASDAQ). Within 1 hour. Traded 300 units. Its late last night. Thinking of the new Ipad Pro from Apple. They have

SATS – Miniature Profit

Profit from SATS. Within one hour. Traded 10,000 units. Spending time with my family this week. While waiting for them to gather and chit chat,

Nasdaq Futures – Miniature Profit

Profit from Nasdaq Futures. Within 30 minutes. Traded 6 units. Not intend to open any position but the passion is there. Happen a trader asked

Wall Street Futures – Miniature Profit

Profit from Wall Street Futures. Within 20 minutes. Traded 6 units. Did not sleep well. Took a miniature loss yesterday, but felt that it was

DBS – Miniature Profit

Profit from DBS. Within 15 minutes. Traded 3000 shares. Expected a short-term selling pressure. Unexpected come out fast.🤭😊😜

DAX Futures – Miniature Profit

Profit from Germany 30 Index. Within 10 hours. Traded 2 units. From takeoff till touchdown, happy to see a miniature profit. Supper was free. 😱😬🛫🛬

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