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everything you need to know before the opening bell

Looking for a profit trade. Couldn't find and Just don't know how to trade something?

All I know is with us you could have traded 100 points. It's so many trades everywhere, and I have to pen all my ideas down. I evaluate each trade ideas and narrow down the long list. Then, I bring Mini Traders incredible stock ideas and opportunities.

How to meet your daily profit goal?

You can have a "sure-win" strategy but still, lose if you overlook one thing — Your mindset.
The goal every day is to make $100-$500 with mini size and very little capital.
$100 per day = $500 per week = $2000 per month
$200 per day = $1000 per week = $4000 per month
$500 per day = $2500 per week = $10000 per month
Once you get what Mini Traders do in Mini community group, it becomes easy for all of you.

How to trade the open provides the highest opportunity for massive profits?

I present the prep work in Pre-market before opening bell.
I show Live, Entry, Exit and Guidance.
I tell you the top and bottom.
I also tell you how the stock move.
Can you generate profits within 3-15 minutes of market open?
Can you go long and short for massive profit?

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Some cool tips you should know


You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

In this community group, we trade everything
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But importantly, I teach everything.

Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.


You take advantage of Community as your essential trading tool.

What I do in the community group is to teach you many things.
The most important thing I teach is to be consistent.
To be that you must first walk before you run. You must understand the move before it even happens.
Then you can be consistent every day!

Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practised every day.


You learn how and why I called each idea.

I evaluate each trade idea. How it will react when the market opens.

Every day starts a new page in your story, make it a great one!


Monster Trade.

This trade doesn't come often. Once it comes, you take advantage of large profitable swings in the market. Easily minimum of 100% returns.

Don't worry about failures; worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try​.


be polite and patient. try to enjoy the people and the atmosphere of Community.

Network with fellow new and experienced Mini Traders, and make new friends in the process.
Just remember, none of us out there can trade like us.

I never lose. I either win, or I learn.

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All trading involves risk and losses can exceed deposits.

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