Stop Worrying About Where The Stock Market Goes From Here

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The market is on steroids again. I am wishing everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Last Sunday, I gave my handpicked stock list, included Indices Futures, for Mini Traders group. The traders are well informed and guided before the market opens for the entry, exit, movement and the reason behind. 鼠钱 towards CNY. We are continuing to take profit along the way from last week and this week.

I was expecting the global Futures market sell-off three days on profit-taking for a quick short position before going up again. Regional market and DAX did sell down but DOW, S&P 500 and NASDAQ too strong, and the move was too slow and refused to go down further. On another side, I bullish on the stock market, such as tickers LB, SHAK, CRWD, NVDA, SWCH and also other more which given to the Pro and Premium group last Sunday.

Small gain from a short position of DOW and NASDAQ. Good profit from DAX. All these Futures short positions were completed within hours before we rotate to trade the stock counters from my list.

I admitted that I bearish Indices but bullish stock counters sound contradicting. For Mini Traders, it could be risky to trade despite the fact that they know the overall market movement. Again however, the strategy and trade plan is manageable for us. If it does, the cut loss is very mini. The impact is nothing. The gain is consistent. Again, the cut loss is luxury if it comes.

SHAK, I presented a buying opportunity for the group. Boom Boom Boom. Long bar up, and gap up to continue trend up higher on the next day before Goldman analyst announced their buy call report at their huge price target. How did I know in play? I revealed to my Pro and Premium group.

CRWD, another call I presented a buying opportunity. We had traded this counter many times within two weeks. Zip in and zip out at the entry and exit. Our funds will never be stuck at the consolidation phase — Boom Boom Boom. My job is to find the opportunities to the Pro and Premium group, the entry before the push force kick in and the exit before turning small from significant gain. How did I know again? The chart is at the bottom. The risk level to go long position is very acceptable. Why was it going to in-play? I again revealed to my Mini Traders group.

There were many more counters we profit from the weekly stock pick list I sent. We also make a good profit from the live opportunity I shared with the groups.

NFLX on the news last week. The analyst called out the buy before the earnings that will be released this week. We long the position — Boom Boom Boom — profit within 2 to 3 hours at a full confidence level to trade many positions at one go.

PPG, the earnings result was bad. But I read the report, and it wasn’t that terrible. I told the group together with the plan. We long the stock to bring it up before it comes down — Ding Ding Ding — we long before the push kick in. We set the limit order for taking our profit. The feeling was too great and fabulous when we woke up the next day.

There are a lot of counters and skills that I simply do not get enough to share with because we all learn new things every day. The market is full of outstanding opportunities to make a profit again and again. More importantly, we know over-trade, and greedy kills us.

Nevertheless, it was another excellent week for us. All continue to make money to 过肥年

If you are interested in joining the group, contact me.

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