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Boost your trading skills to maximize your profits with the help of Stock Trading Interest. We offer premier trading solutions for anyone that wants to make more profitable trades. Learn how to become a more self-sufficient trader.

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Proven Stock Trading Strategies and Insight

By joining Stock Trading Interest, you receive an education in trading from a team of successful stock traders. We provide mentorship and training to give you the skills and knowledge to become a better trader.

You will also gain valuable stock ideas and opportunities. You do not need any previous experience trading on the stock market. We give you everything needed to choose profitable trades.

With our trading secrets, you can meet your daily profit goal. I ensure that you are ready to start trading before the opening bell.

Each trading day, I present the prep work. I give you guidance for live, entry, and exit strategies. You also learn which stocks to move, allowing you to start generating profits within a few minutes of the market open.

Mini Community

Join a Supportive Stock Trading Community

Our Mini Trader Community connects you with like-minded traders. Discuss trading strategies and methods with other Mini Traders. Our community is a great way to network with new and experienced traders. The community is also your source for my trading suggestions.

When you join the Mini Community, I teach you to be more consistent with your trades. I also explain the reasoning behind my trade ideas, helping you grow as a trader.

What Do You Get with the Mini Community?

You can check out my premarket prep work and access swing plays instantly with a one-day trial. However, joining our Mini Community offers access to a vast range of trade ideas and informative content.

Take a closer look at what you get with by joining our community:

  • A minimum of 15 trade ideas
  • Access to a Monster Trade
  • Professional market outlook
  • Access to educational content
  • Live weekly swing plays

You receive valuable swing days and a minimum of 15 trade ideas per month. Swing trades are often short-term trades designed to capture gains across several days or weeks. This requires more than just reading charts.

If you improve by 1% every day within a year you'll have improved by 365%

You learn which stocks to pick, whether to trade long or short, and how long to hold on to your position. In some cases, the trades may occur during a single trading session.

Along with frequent trade ideas for day trading and swing play, I offer a Monster Trade. These trades are less frequent but more likely to provide a minimum of 100% returns.

A paid monthly subscription also provides access to specially developed educational content. Improve your success rate by developing stronger trading skills.

Mini Sharing

Receive One-on-One Trading Advice

Joining the Mini Community can streamline your path to becoming a skilled trader. However, the best value is our unique Mini Sharing Session.

A Mini Sharing Session is jam-packed with beneficial advice and proven trading strategies. This is a one-on-one session personalized to meet your specific needs.

Do you need help in understanding the market? Do you want to know how to develop a better strategy for trading at open? You can get the answers you need with a Mini Sharing Session. You will inspire that I do not utilize technical analysis and fundamental analysis to detect price trends and patterns.

I tailor the meeting to address your primary concerns. You also receive a discount on the monthly Mini Community subscription.

Stock Trading Made Simple for Beginners

You do not need a lot of funds to start trading. We teach you how to make profitable trades with minimal capital. As your profits grow, you can reinvest to begin building greater financial freedom.

Here are a few of the benefits of joining the Mini Community compared to making your own trades:

  • Receive expert stock ideas
  • Learn effective trading strategies
  • Network with other Mini Traders
  • Improve your trading knowledge

The stock market can be volatile, making it difficult for beginners to make the right picks. Inexperienced traders tend to rely on their emotions. You may struggle to hold a stock out of fear of losing money, limiting your profits.

If you want to make more successful trades, receive expert trading ideas. The professional stock ideas that you receive come from experienced traders. I thoroughly review the market each day to give you updated suggestions and stock picks.

Knowledge will give you power, but character will give you respect.

Bruce Lee

I teach you how to reduce risks and find the right stocks to trade. The goal is to help you achieve a higher rate of profitable trades while giving you the skills to start making your own stock picks.

Managing your own investments without knowledge of the market increases the risk of financial losses. Not knowing how to choose stocks or when to buy or sell keeps you from making money. I do the heavy lifting for you, so can start seeing a profit as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that there are no guarantees when it comes to investing. However, I strive to minimize your risk. Every trade idea is thoroughly reviewed based on extensive market research.

I do not share knowledge of the charts, such as how to read candlestick charts or analyze volume. I focus on teaching you proven trading skills. You learn how to use superior technical analysis to know how the stock market is moving before it starts to move.

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Stock Trading Interest makes it easy for anyone to build a more secure financial future. Start trading with confidence.

Join a community group to share high-probability stock picks. By sharing suggestions and discussing trading ideas, the process of picking profitable trades becomes a little easier.

Choose from several pricing options based on your needs. We offer a one-day trial and a monthly subscription to our Mini Community. For personalized one-on-one advice, sign up for a Mini Sharing Session.

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