Stock Trading Interest | Amazing One Year Already | 2019

One Year Already
I decided to reveal and share my trading journey with the public. It has been for one year for

Stock Trading Interest

since I set up and publish this website in October 2018. To blog every single track record on the website. 
Always transparent. Things have gone well when I occasionally share my opening positions with people interested in making profit together in the stock market. That’s the definition of Stock Trading Interest to me.
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I love to share the joy with someone who has the interest and passion for the same thing as me, especially I have owned a high-income skill-set and a vast experience in sustaining profitable trading in the stock market. I decided to create a Stock Trading Interest community to share my trading experience with members to see my entry and exitAlways transparent. It’s an incredible experience found in my community that the members always not only get better entry and more significant profit than me but get to know my secret recipes and insignificant loss occasionally. Joy is meant to be shared. I love it.

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There is a huge difference in trading with your own space and trading with the public. It’s all about the borderline by adjusting my emotion to the point that I get across myself back to track. I am a day trader who has no patience and seldom use charting tool for trading but often profits from getting in, getting out and get paid in a few minutes. Very often, I lazy to trade in the stock market regardless I know well how the stock reacts for the day.

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Joy is experienced to be shared. So I decided to provide a sharing session to the amateur traders by sharing my proven trading skills that are sufficient for them become Mini Trader to trade the market and learning to fish on their own to find trades. At the same time, I also created a Mini Trader Community to share my trade ideas with them how the stocks react before the opening bells.

Mini Traders owned the skill-set that I shared, and my other members in this community are guided on how to play and what to watch out for. We have been consistently profitable in the stock market from day 1 since I created this community group, and Mini Traders are not only getting profit but get to evolve themselves to the next level. The public sent me the email to ask the charges to attend and join me. I replied them one word, “Free” or “No-charge”. The jovial is tremendous. Sharing is caring.

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I always get such a question, “do you practice cut loss?”. I don’t. I never do cut loss for a long time. I know well how the stock move before the move. It moves up or moves down first. It stops at which level, and turning point at which price level. I already know before the opening. Cut loss to me is not necessary unless I want it. The skills that I shared with Mini Traders understand, happy, and eye-open for the cut loss is luxury if it comes. However, cut loss is a need for many other professional traders. We have no such thing IF, OR, BUT, and PREDICT the market. We are another different level.

In the past 1 year, the trading journey together with the people is incredible for me. I have enough sharing and trading in the stock market. I don’t enjoy to make always-green from the stock markets because I don’t see any challenge. I wish Mini Traders quickly get evolve to the next level soon to have your style by exercising every day. Always remember I preach every time the stock is like your girlfriend/boyfriend. I also address the art of scaling every moment no one can nail the top, no one can nail the bottom, but you have to start somewhere.

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Spend more time with love ones, make money every day, and love your life. Be humble and celebrate life every day. For me, I want to make some difference. Trade with Care. Huat ah!

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