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Just about 1 week back before I go for a short holiday, I posted different appetites for the public. Click to read below.
In addition to Singapore stock picks, I also posted one US stock pick. It closed at US$40.80 from US$92.40 yesterday.

Each of these appetites has a style that will surely fit your needs! Congrats to those who traded it with profit. You know what, all these stock picks about patience. One thing that for me, I do not have patience. I like to see making a profit quick. Getting in, getting out and get paid. That’s it. That’s how I trade for a living. Come holiday, I simply trade to get it to pay for my trip and also love to put the advanced market order for the position in and out during my trip.

Having say that, and if you may ask “can I still enter now?”. Well again and again, I cannot advise.

I wish my passion for sharing and connect you for better trading outcomes. Feel free to approach me by sending an email or following my activities.

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