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Today is a cloudy day. Nothing much can do with those fun activities except rest and relaxation. US market will be closed for 1.5 days and will resume on Friday. Many professional traders will take a break like me.

Sharing of SM Energy as another stock pick yesterday. I wrote my thought down how this stock would react when the market opened last night. The stock gap up at open and then sell down towards gap fill, followed by slowly moving up. To my surprise, it did not work the second half for the day when the broader market closed in green. Despite the direction is as accurate as usual, there are not many traders capable to catch the turning point. The key to profit is to know your strategy. I mentioned in the previous blog post, I like getting in, getting out and get paid. If I trade, I will complete the trade at open within 5 to 10 minutes because I had shared the move to be. Don’t you know? The best, SM Energy was surely fit your needs. You can do fast scalp trade or swing trade. Again, the key to profit is to know your strategy regardless of the cut loss level being triggered or not. I am not fear of any when I know the move already. Though this is the case, my strategy is to trade a mini size that allows me to add-on with a bigger profit or exit with a small loss. On top of SM Energy, Slack Technologies is another US stock pick. It closed at US$40.20 from US$40.80 yesterday.

Besides US stock pick, I shared other stocks from the Singapore market. One thing is needed. That is the patience when trade Singapore stock. Clearbridge was for a contra trade, it already hit the target above 0.174 to high 0.181 from 0.169/0.170. YangZiJiang was to estimate 7 days to hit the target 1.560 from 1.520 because there are no sellers yet. Having said that, YZJ would continue the uptrend. Chip Eng Seng is to estimate 21 days to hit price target at 0.770 after watching a few days to decide the next course of action. Japfa is to estimate at least 7 days to hit the price target above 0.560 from 0.530. It went high 0.555 though, I can consider completing the contra trade. Short-term trade wise is still valid to go up 0.560 and above. I remembered that Koufu was shared with my community group in May 2019. That time, we spot the turning point of this stock. Today’s it went up with 4 consecutive days. It is important to know your strategy after you know the move. To trade Koufu, it requires a lot of patience and to add on weakness. If I trade Koufu, I rather cut loss to free my fund in order to trade other better stock.

After all, each has a style that will surely fit your needs after learning the skill then you will get evolved.

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