SG and US Stock Pick Updates

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Singapore Stock Picks Update
US Stock Picks Update

Within 2 weeks, I posted 6 different types of Singapore stocks in other public community and showed opening positions of my swing trade. Facebook or Instagram followers know that’s something I rarely do.

Out of 6 SG stock picks, 3 hit target. 2 cut small loss, and 1 in-progress of hitting or cutting then.
Out of 3 US stock picks, all these are swing positions. I added Canopy Growth Corp with mini size yesterday. Any point in time, if I want to, I will add on weakness. Otherwise, let it ride and resume the trend.

I seldom trade Singapore stocks, although it does not require me to put a lot of efforts. One thing is the patience needed to trade the Singapore market. I do not have patience. I rather put my effort to some other trade allow me to getting in, getting out and get paid. In this case, I finished UOB trade.

US earnings season come, I already know my game plan and the market outlook. I am now more relax and free because I am waiting for next week. For time being, holding my swing positions, scalping indices, do usual activities.

Nonetheless, these SG and US stock picks, each has a style that will surely satisfy your appetites. Hoping that above sharing able to connect traders for better trading outcomes.

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