Quality Easy Trade and What’s Next?

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While doing my relaxed 5K run, I thought of a short break, not seeing the market these days. Waiting for my favourite volatility market next week. Oopss! Did I say anything? Anyway, turned on TV, I couldn’t help but get to see news that Futures in red and Netflix on headline. Then, I saw Comcast Corp scrolling along the bottom of my TV screen. I know what to do already.

Comcast Corp was simply too easy and no brainer trade. Anyone can trade. I referred the traders who attended my sharing session. I private message to one of the trader. In fact, I also posted such a quality trade idea in my Telegram’s inner circle group last night. Before an hour market opens, we know how it gonna move. Just pick the direction Buy or Sell. Seeing profit take will do.

Profit from Comcast Corp in Sell direction, Within 40 minutes. Traded 300 units.
Profit from Comcast Corp again in Buy direction, Within 2 hours. Traded 600 units instead.

I closed all my swing positions, except Slack Technologies, because I need funds for other trade, and although they are doing good but slow move I don’t like it. Opened a new position, that’s Netflix, and continued holding Slack Technologies. Both are my swing idea. I set the stop loss with my eye closed. I take a short break, avoid over-trade.

My inner circle group is opened for traders who are interested to trade together in the stock markets, such as SGX, NYSE, NASDAQ and Indices market. Helping each other for better trading outcomes. The group only starts when I see a number of traders join. Any quality idea will be posted in the group for reference use. Traders who see the idea, they know what to do. Sharing is caring.

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