Pure Chart Reading Skills

Earnings Whisper

I just finished scanning stocks over 200+ within an hour, identifying both day and swing trading opportunities based on my first look. During the process of scanning stocks, it’s pure chart reading skills that I used and shared with Mini Traders. I look at the chart for the stock every time. Walah! Holy! I see tons of opportunities in the stock market. Cherry-pick only. However, there are many times that you want to trade this, this and that. You want to trade altogether. Over time I know, and everyone knows, greed kills us.

I have 100+ stock picks that I know what going to do. The trading strategies that I shared recently, EARNINGS / PULLBACK Trading Strategies, can be applied for many stocks. Over here, I show five stocks that reach the Support/Resistance area or Demand/Supply zone or Wall/Base whatever the technical name traders call them. Among these five stocks, they will react differently tonight (Up or Down only) despite hitting base/wall, support/resistance, demand/supply.

Mini Traders can interpret the direction easily. For us, it’s a normal chart reading skills. Other traders can use their knowledge, experience, and skills to do great jobs, like putting many trend lines, see price actions, add many sophisticated/unique/proprietary reversal indicators, or do the fundamental valuation.

Sharing a lot of stock picks yesterday and today though. Full of opportunities, huh? Cherry-pick huh? Nevertheless, congrats in advance to traders. For me, I will look at those stocks having their earnings this week simply because I love to trade without seeing the chart.

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