Profit From Your Well Game Plan – Congrats!

Market View

I began to share information with my community in July when I see more traders who like to trade together. Since then, I shared many good quality stock picks and accurate market view. The market just presents us full of opportunities every day.

On 23 July, my community was already well informed about what’s going to happen to the market. In addition to that, I periodically update to my community what I look for, remind them to stay away from a volatile market that I know of their skills are not there yet, and also show guidance and strategy how to trade at the turning point when the market is about to rebound.

Traders certainly get benefits and keep profits from the information found in my community. From massive sell-off to stronger rebound is super well spot. I am numb, but 50% returns in 3 days with merely 1 unit.

IMG 4024

On top of the market view, I also shared much information with my community and Facebook Page about good quality stock picks and powerful trading strategies. I am sure traders get benefits and feel jovial with such information sharing. I am numb but happy to receive a “cheer” record from a reader that he/she took the trade among many stocks pick I shared two days before it happens. Merely 1 day job.


There are too many stocks are well-spot before opening bells. Simply cherry-pick one to share, especially this stock pick I shared on 24 July.

Yesterday, I shared 3 stock picks with my community before happy hours come. So, they can do their due diligence to watch and learn.

The information is flooded and overwhelmed for my community and Facebook readers. This week is another good week for me. Merely 2 days. I take a break and slow down. Again, congrats in advance to traders if took the trade. Sharing is caring.

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