Profit from STI Community Group

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July 22 Analyst Calls
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Simply spot on, as usual. More to come.

Profit from Indices, Wall Street, before US market open
Profit from analyst calls, Micron Tech, Lam Research, KLA Corp but loss Applied Materials. Within 30 minutes
Profit from Galapagos. Within 40 minutes

They are many stocks in play last night. I simply share the same move in my community group. Traders are well informed before the market opens about the movement. Simply pick and trade will do. Separately, I opened a new trading platform to trade live with mini size, that was because many stocks I spot on cannot be found.

Was expecting Wall Street give me the breakdown at the specific time then I simply add on pullback because I know the move already. No fear. However, the market didn’t give me the chance, simply go up only from the specific time I want.

I traded “zillion” times with these kind of analyst calls. I know the movement already. Simply add on strength at open to get a good average price rather than wait and see the turning point from the peak. I simply with no patience on that. Exit altogether be it loss or profit.

Trading with a small loss is OK. Consistency is the key. Skill is your asset. Greed kill you despite how skilful you are and how well the movement you know. Simply learn live how I spot them from my community group or know the skill from my trading sharing session.

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