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Just want to say thank you to my friend who came back from her lovely vacation. That’s because she asked me about the outlook of the US market last night. So, I did a mini research for her. Again, I found another quality trade for my community group to look for, then I wrote my thought and posted it for reference use before the opening bell.

Profit from Ralph Lauren. Within 6 minutes. Traded 200 units.
Profit from PVH Corp. Within 10 minutes. Traded mini size 150 units

Literally, I trade with eye closed last night. Congrats to traders took the trade. The market is expected more volatile because many heavy-weight stocks release their earnings result, especially Netflix after market close. Before I go in bed last night, I saw Wall Street and Nasdaq markets has no strength. Instead of showing green, it gonna shift to Red soon.

Netflix just released the result this morning and stock gap down way too much already. Tonight, it is gonna be a fast and furious trade for me. I love it.

Everyone know the market trend before the actual move because I already shared the broader market outlook 2 weeks ago and the movement this week. I am more cautious but excited because the earnings season gives me ample opportunities. Many stocks in play, I love to finish the trade one after another in a few minutes without emotion. Seeing profit take. Not greedy. When the market offers many opportunities, I will share a stock pick with my community group. The traders who attended my trading sharing session capable to decode the idea I shared, otherwise they will fish on their own trade with the skills I share. Their skills will constantly get evolve. Trading is not always easy. Through sharing and caring, it does become easier.

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