One and Only One. Happy July

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Intra-Celluar Therapies was a swing trade when I shared to the group last 4 days ago. I entered 5 times with a decent average. And, took profit one after another within 4 days. Now, I left one, and only one position continues to swing further because of the silly reason behind the trade. Check it out with my community group for the reason why I said silly.

Sleep Number Corp was my second round to trade in Sell direction but cut loss because I simply did not like the stock went up the next day.

Profit from Intra-Celluar Therapies. Within 4 days. Traded 600 units.
Loss from Sleep Number Corp. Within 2 days. Traded 200 units.

I checked back my transaction records for July. I already traded more than 30 different stocks, including Indices, US stocks, and SG stocks. Among these stocks, I shared more than 15 different types of stocks with my community. It’s very active sharing in the group, which I enjoy much. Congrats to trader took the trade in July. Sharing is caring.

Come August. More opportunities and lots of fun.

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