New Home 2020 . Better Trading Experience

Home Sweet Home

Last week was an incredible week of trading, although I did not actively trade the market. I continued to share the observation and to provide the guidance on the Futures trade, swing trade and day trade. More and more trading experiences I am sharing with Mini Traders that they have never come across with “live”. Glad to know that they took action to gain S11 after another S11 from the stock market.

There were many companies stock and opportunities in the stock market. Many times we see the confidence to take profit, We simply don’t want and give a miss. For example, TSLA.

I love to trade the stock comes with a challenge. I could learn and learn. For example CYBR

To me, there are too many trade ideas, experience, and skills to share with the Mini Traders group every trading day, despite I was taking a break to make money for myself. Sharing a trading skills and experience for them to have a better trading outcomes. In addition to that, I built a new home for Mini Traders where we can message, share stock idea, and trade together.

Home Sweet Home

If you are interested in joining the group, contact me and visit Facebook Page.

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