Netflix Working Trends In The Favour?


Many professionals traders were undoubtedly get hit by the movement yesterday because of Netflix shares down over 2% following earnings. In fact, Netflix is working in their favour that many professional traders will never get to know.

After I read the report, I was not impressed with the result. And I watched the pre-market merely up 2%. I know already how the stock reacts yesterday, where it stops at, where it goes to. I posted it to everyone in my blog yesterday 4 hours before the market opens.

I added more positions on the weakness. I know clearly how the stock moves for the day. Boom Boom Boom! I wish everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai. For me, I continue to receive the red packets from the market. Every 1 minute passed, my profit ripe $400, $500 to $700 USD — profit within 1 day.

It’s not too bad for the result as in I do not intend to trade the stock, so it’s from nothing to earlier on 1 mini position, becomes the opportunity given yesterday Netflix pull back. This trend is working in my favour.

Happy Chinese New Year

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