Netflix Posted Earnings Beat, but …


Netflix posted huge earnings beat, but the stock is doing nothing. Merely up 2% in the pre-market, from $338 to $345.

Before NFLX’s earnings, the Mini Trader group continued to make profit this week including Netflix. And for me, this is a second time to trade Netflix.

I was supposed to stop trading for awhile because Chinese New Year is coming, then I happened to see Netflix on CNBC with the current price below $340 when I switch on my TV last night.

I can’t help to see such opportunity, so I entered a long position at any price with mini size. Why any price? Because I know how to read news, interprets it and then play it. Trade without using the chart.

Later the market open, I just get another red packet again from the market either I manually close it or it hits the limit order that I was set.

How Netflix react tonight? I think, I guess, I predict, I anticipated, it looks like ….. the stock will go up at open, move up $352-$355, then look for nice pull back. If the stock go down at open, look for $325-$330 fresh buyer comes.

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