Mini Watchlist – One after another

Mini Watchlist is not the stock alert type and rather is our hand-picked stock to watch for the night. When the opportunities come with a nice setup, we trade again and again.

We completed Tesla position within 3 minutes for a good start. Soon, Tesla rebounded. The opportunity comes again, which allowed second trade to be completed within 5 minutes in a mini size to avoid the 1st trade profit returning to the market.

When we think this is enough for the night. Stitch Fix had sold off at open, and soon slowly move up. We buy and add on weakness to complete it within 25 minutes.

Enough is enough. However, the night is still “young”. It was very tempted to see Ciena move, Just whack and keep loading. Finish it within 30 minutes then go sleep, no matter how mini profit or loss.

Importantly, profit is profit. Never goes wrong. See profit take. NO over-trading. NO greedy.

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