Mini Watchlist – Nordstrom Profit Took and Slack Technologies Swing Position

June27 Nordstrom Chart
June27 Direction

How great it will be if you know the move before it moves, before the market open.

Nordstrom was received a sell rating by the analyst. At open, I bought the opposite direction to the analyst says it last night. It went up and I took a profit within 10 minutes.
However, Slack Technologies received an analyst’s Buy rating two days ago. At open, I bought the same direction of that analyst says. It went up instead of selling off at the open. Manage to see the difference? See how smart you are going to be.

The best is to buy before the analyst gives the call. Today, Slack Technologies closed at US$24.60 from US$78.00. I am going on a short trip and this stock is a swing position for me. You may ask “can I still enter now?”. Well, I cannot advise but if you are interested, I can share my secret recipe. Register your interest on our website (scroll down to the bottom of the homepage).

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