Mini Trader 2020 : The Result of Wide Range Breakouts Trading Skill

Wide Range Breakouts Result

Mini Trader’s Wide Range Breakouts is a vital reversal and continuations chart pattern.

How were you doing in the stock market since after you learned the trading skill, Wide Range Breakouts, that I shared for you in the previous blog? In just one week, I am confident that you have greatly benefited from such goodies. What’s more? Congratulation on you levels up to make a profit with confidence from the freebies idea that I have determined the set-up for you. Yes! It’s for you.

The same! How many Mini Traders inside my Mini Community group? One! You only! That is to show I will always treat you the most important person in the group whether you are a newbie or seasoned traders. My job is to help you make money and become comfortable, become happy, and love what you are doing.

In my previous blog, I did share my Prep Work for you with many freebie ideas of having Wide Range Breakouts set-up. One of them was Wall Street Futures. You do not see the market reverse it’s moved back despite many confirmed viruses out there. The market is trading in a range up down, up down then Boom! Big rally! How would I know UP, not DOWN? That’s my job to guide you. Then it came down slightly, and Boom again. That’s a fantastic result of Wide Range Breakouts. Skip the choppy trading range and look for a chart with a breakout above resistance.

Any more result from the freebie ideas that I shared with you in my previous blog? What about $IAC? Boom! You did not see price reverse its move back below the breakout line anytime soon after. NO BRAINER!

$XPO, the stock is not ready to move higher because of lacking follow-through. Wasn’t a TIP I shared with you in my previous blog? NO RISK at all!

The remaining of freebie ideas like $AMAT and $WGO, that’s is your job to find out more.

This Wide Range Breakouts trading skill is simple, easy, and no brainer. You have no reason to make a loss. Do I gain profit from this trading set-up? My answer to you is NO. Simple reason! I find it slow. I have no patience.

That’s no point how much I made. My job is to help you benefit from unparalleled trading education and earn while you learn.

In my Mini services, it is not telling you to go here, long here, short here. No no no! There is so much trading knowledge, strategy and skills behind each of my trade ideas.

Why I am doing it, why I picked this stock, and imagines for a second, paying for a service that provides you with my Prep Work for trade ideas a month that is 100% accurate on the calls, maybe you might deem it as 95 to 98 percent. But think about what I am saying no matter what you trade you pick on the list, you can Not Only make money But being coached, mentored and taught. When you come into the Mini community group, you focus on one or two plays, and that’s it. In this group, you come first.

At this juncture, Mini Traders earning their freedom by trading the stock market.

If you miss the opportunity in my previous blog about the freebie ideas, I am thinking of presenting my Prep Work on the same set-up as my second time and last for you. If you are profiting from, congrats your level-up. Otherwise, congrats your level up by earning invaluable experience.

  1. $JACK, Jack in the Box
  2. $MRNA, Moderna Inc
  3. $TNDM, Tandem Diabetes Care Inc
  4. $ROKU, Roku Inc
  5. $ABT, Abbot Laboratories
  6. $PDD, Pinduoduo Inc
  7. $AKAM, Akamai Technologies
  8. $APPN, Appian Corp
  9. $SFM, Sprouts Farmers Markets Inc
  10. $SGEN, Seattle Genetics Inc 

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