Making Profit Together From This Trade

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Professional traders can see the stock’s movement before it happens by viewing the chart. True professional day traders can see the move by seeing the news. We, Mini Traders, are able to see another level by looking at the chart or/and news to know the move behind the move. We don’t do predict. There is no if or but. Only know or don’t know.

I developed my own trading skills that I do not see anyone as my competition. When I trade many stocks at one go, I don’t see the chart because I already know the move. I place the market order for the entry and exit. I have no emotion and greedy to finish the trade. Occasionally, I share my stock pick with my community for them to use it as part of their trading tool. I write my thought in the plan for their reference and due diligence. The plan includes the direction and the price area to watch out. I do not give an unrealistic number; for example, I say move towards 53/54. That is the price area of the stock movement for the day. Technical traders can use their knowledge, experience, and skills to do great jobs, like putting many trend lines, see price actions, add many sophisticated/unique reversal indicators, or do the fundamental valuation. That is the price area of turning point. No if or but.

With National Day around the corner, and lately, I did show a trading skill to my readers, Earnings Trading Strategy. I don’t use it nowadays; nevertheless, this powerful skill fit many traders for their trading plan. This week’s earnings result, I have spotted many stocks that traders can use this skill for their game plan this week. Unquestionably, this trading skill benefits for like-minded traders.

Earnings Aug1stweek

I know exceptionally well my trading style. Seldom, I make swing trade; nonetheless, a good swing trade fit many other traders, especially part-time traders. This stock move towards $45 from $16/$18. Near-term, let the stock run back to $18/$16 levels, then get your Nike shoes ready to ease into running with a joyride. Though we know the move ahead, after all, everyone is unique and different own plan towards the same goal for this trade. Most traders often ride towards 250% up-move, and some traders build the positions along the way up or down. For me, I know myself well that I like to trade up and down altogether, probably end up 500% or 250% within a month instead of two months.

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I am humble and easily content. I have no ego. I do not need to impress anyone if other Mini Traders or experienced traders make better and more profit than me. I just smile and congrats to you. We can see many things better and more precise in the stock market. Very importantly, only you know your self well. I know own trading style that I like to trade different stocks, getting in, getting out, and get paid. That’s how I love the interest in stock trading. Consistent green is the key. On and off, I make some sharing with my community about the stock picks and trading skills. Sharing is caring.

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