Mad Money (S11) as Market Attempt to Rebound

Mad Money

Stocks rose last night as the market tried to find some stability after consecutive days of sharp selling.

Today is my day. No one will get in the way of my dreams, of my growth and my desire to be the very best in my chosen field.


Boom Boom Boom!! I finished 3 trades within 10 minutes. At open, I took long Weibo and Sina. It was done in 2 minutes. Then, I took CRM and finished the trade in 6 minutes. Mad Money

Remember I said on my Facebook page. Will the market open positive about recovering some? Also, I did point out that the market is giving us opportunities to trade in fast minutes every time.

I read the headlines then I come back to share with Mini Traders group on my fresh~ Top-pick trade ideas. Guess what. I shared 10 ideas to them. These ideas consist of my hand-picked Headlines news, Upgrade and Downgrade calls, as well as Live headline news.

  • BYND – Headline
  • CRM – upgrade
  • REGN – upgrade
  • HD – upgrade
  • BR – upgrade
  • JAZZ – downgrade
  • VNDA – downgrade
  • SDC – downgrade
  • SINA – Live headline
  • WB – Live headline

The best, I shared much much early before market opening. Mini Traders able to prepare their strategy plan. The best and best, Mini Traders are no longer struggle in trading. They often could find a trade without my effort. They always know the reason behind to trade. If I shared the idea, They know how to trade the idea.

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