Looking Ahead

DAX Futures Strong Move Ahead of Trump-Xi Meeting at G20

Yesterday, I did an easy trade with mini size for the closing of June 2019. Among the indices, I trade DAX because of the currency and small margin. Very importantly, the chart setup is nicer than Dow Jones and Nasdaq. Why? Because of DAX shown us the strong uptrend highlighted in the circle area. Simply find my own entry only to ride and resume the trend. Profit within 10 hours, effortless and stressless.

Today, Slack Technologies closed at US$92.40 from US$24.60. This stock is a swing position for me. You may ask “can I still enter now?”. Well again, I cannot advise.

Looking Ahead

I have to take a break. This means I will not often do to publish a blog post or watch the market. Looking ahead, I will focus on trading sharing session to help many traders get better trading outcomes. And at times, I participate in exchanging stock trading ideas on my Facebook group as well as other public community.

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