Leisure To Trade Facebook Earnings | Mini Sharing 2020

Mega-Cap earnings released the result last day of the month (July 2020), and Singapore was on public holiday. Mini Traders with enough leisure to trade the stock market at home.
Facebook Earnings

Facebook Earnings Blowout Result

The weather was good on Friday, and I spent time with family members for a good breakfast. Look at the Mega-Cap like Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook reported their result. How did they do? See their numbers. Wow, earnings beat with blow-out numbers on their earnings.

At the pre-markets, Mega-Cap stocks gap up big time. Apple’s and Facebook’s stock price jumped over 6%, respectively, 25 points and 20 points. Then, with Mini-Secret skills, we already know how the stock will move before the night comes. For me, I trade Facebook because of it’s $200 price range compare to other Mega-Cap stock. I can buy Mini-size less than SGD 2000 only. I placed an advanced order in the CFD platform during breakfast.

Boom, SGD 150 capital gain in 1 minute. Boom Boom! Another SGD 150 in 8 minutes. I traded two times with the mini size at open within 10 minutes only. No brainer and leisure trade.

I continued to spend time with the family members to watch Netflix shows – It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.

The proven trading skills and beneficial advice I shared with Mini Traders during the Mini-Sharing session, that easily helps in understanding the market, and develop a better strategy for trading at open.

Stock trading made simple for us. We do not need a lot of funds to start trading. I share how to make profitable trades with minimal capital. Day trade, swing trade and investment trade. I share with Mini Traders on how to reduce risks by entering a safe entry with no stop loss as well as I find the right stocks to trade. Sit back and relax.

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