Keep Profitable (S11) on U.S. Stock Futures

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The Stock Futures market is an excellent place to brush up the chart reading skills for the trader regardless you are an amateur, intermediate, and professional ones. When you reach a Pro’s Pro level, that is another level beyond anything you could ever imagine.

I started to look into the Futures market and provide Pro’s Pro guidance to the Mini Traders group. All know well the future move to be before the market move. The group kept profitable on their U.S. stock futures trade for a month beginning from 3 February 2020.

When I started to share with the group on the cut loss level, that is the signal that I am cautious for the movement. The loss doesn’t hit us at all. There is just a little too much uncertainty at the moment.

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Boom Boom Boom, the U.S. Futures sink over the weekend. To me, it’s fun to trade with that. Within half a day, I took long, short, and long (on-going).

How amazing if you know the simple chart-reading-skills. Generate your trade and profit, self-sufficient, profit while you learn and importantly develop your own mindset.

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