Joke! Another New Girlfriend

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A beauty queen, TARGET, was on news headline. I love so much the way she presented on media. We had an excellent first date as she was kind enough to open up at $98 level instead of $100, which was showing on TV. We went out together for a lovely dinner. I finished my tenderloin with red wine in 40 minutes because I cannot wait for the next show come as I booked a private room in a postal code 105108 area to enjoy our next show. I get everything ready. Too bad. I feel sleepy wanna go home sleep. She scolded me, but nevermind leave it to take it. She is good but is not my cup of tea. I kiss her, hug her, and say to her, “see you again 5 days later”. No promise. Maybe or maybe not because I probably want to visit “C”harmy “G”irl “C”linical by then.

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