InvestFair 2019 And Market Perspective

InvestFair 2019
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Attending many other trader’s talks in small and large events is my activity in recent months. I beg a trading tool that can complement my trading style.

InvestFair 2019 is a 2-days event. I checked the activities that ONLY this event to me is worth listening to because I want to know more behind the move from professionals about the macroeconomic outlook. No surprise. Their point of view is consistent with my market view. So, I get to understand that the effect would come within a year due to the inverted yield curve.

InvestFair 2019 Professionals Panels

This event are pretty good for information, and to get well prepare ahead when we know the move before it happens. Things like we get to know the investor fund flow, the trend, support, and resistance level. They are capable of telling us “Market Perspective” “What stock” and “Why.”

However, to me, it’s not practical. They can’t tell us what stock to trade tonight, tomorrow or next week. They can tell us the stock movement in between of two trend lines but unable to tell us the movement, is up or down at open, go here, stop here or the point to turn. It’s too conventional and typical trading skills that everyone must own this basic, simple, and effective skill. It is essential for every trader. Not like us found in my community that I write my thought down and share.” Ok, tonight watch this stock and that stock”, “Ok, this stock up first then down. This stock run towards here and stop here”, “Oops it really comes, we smile till “climax” instead of feeling panicky,” ” Wow, it gives us an opportunities to build positions to whack “hard”. “Ok cut loss here will do, is “tight”. All these are well planned according to our script before it happens. Prepare to plan, plan to prepare. For example, we do not only know The Trade Desk and Applied Materials in play last Friday night, but we know many hours ago how it reacts before opening bells start.

Trade Desk

Have your own trading skills, use wisely their professional view and my community as your trading tool. By doing this, it absolutely connects you for better trading outcomes. Most importantly, you get to evolve and develop with your own trading style.

Earnings Release

Two more weeks to go, our P&L is going to reset again. This week onwards, I trade something is slow and steady.

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