Indices Took Small Loss Before Breakout

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Wall Street DAX Chart After

Knowing a breakout very soon, but I traded in the wrong direction. What a waste! I took a small loss since the move is not what I want. I am very seldom trading a position having a cut loss level except it is a swing position. I shared a cut loss level was because I had seen a mixture between Nasdaq and Wall Street/DAX.

One end, I don’t want to miss this opportunity for a good closing month. Another end, I shared a tight cut loss level to look for the entry at the specific time, exit the position if hit the line and under. Despite I know the movement comes at what time, and at what time begins to watch for entry. Everything was good until expect unexpected.

Month-end now, I already started to slow down my trade activities. I always remind myself, no over-trade, no revenge. Soon, everyone P&L reset for a good month to come. By then, I present full of opportunities until I say myself, stop it, go away and take a break.

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