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Knowing a breakout very soon, but I traded in the wrong direction. What a waste! I took a small loss since the move is not what I want. I am very seldom trading a position having a cut loss level except it is a swing position. I shared a cut loss level was because I had seen a mixture between Nasdaq and Wall Street/DAX.

One end, I don’t want to miss this opportunity for a good closing month. Another end, I shared a tight cut loss level to look for the entry at the specific time, exit the position if hit the line and under. Despite I know the movement comes at what time, and at what time begins to watch for entry. Everything was good until expect unexpected.

Month-end now, I already started to slow down my trade activities. I always remind myself, no over-trade, no revenge. Soon, everyone P&L reset for a good month to come. By then, I present full of opportunities until I say myself, stop it, go away and take a break.

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I occasionally share stocks and indices to friends only. Things have gone well in the past few years. I feel good when sharing enthusiasm and interest in stock trading. With this in mind, I love to share with people interested in learning to trade in the stock market, and they do the same thing by sharing their experience with others after attending my sharing session.

I do not share the chart basics knowledge such as candlesticks, volume.

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Trading is not always easy. In this community group, we only share the high-probability stock that we will mostly be trading. By sharing, it does become easier.