Incredible Trade – Small Turn Big Profit

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IAC and MTCH Stock Picks
IAC and MTCH Chart

Today I checked the stock picks that I shared with my community. Congrats to traders took the trade and made a handsome profit on National Day eve. These stock picks were shared before they went to bed. The next day, it dropped 20 points from IAC Interactive and 10 points from Match Corp. We hardly any chance of getting a small profit because of the stock price gap down at the opening, unless you set your alarm like me to make the profit earlier on. You trade a mini size 50 units, easily get profit USD$ 1000 to USD$ 500 within a 1-day job. Impressive huh !?! We bring it down from the peak and take our own sweet time to exit from the profit. Incredible huh ?!? Yah, it’s remarkable and unbelievable.

For me, I’m numb. I can trade the turning point from peak or bottom. Apparently, I seldom do so. I recognized my trading style. I am not a home-run trader nowadays. In my trading past, yes, I hit-and-go many times, but over time, my skills got evolved, I like to build my positions and exit at one shot like Babe-Ruth means that I trade without fear, the trade follows my plan, and I trade within size. It is another level of trading skills when you know the move already. Mini Traders who attended my sharing session gradually evolve to understand their trading style too. Some good at Buying Up. Some good at Swing Trade. Some good at IPO trade. Some good at Indices Futures. Some specialize in Singapore stocks. So, my community with all these professional mini traders connecting other traders for better trading outcomes.

We take a short break first. It’s going to have fun. We are productive, so we take what the market gives us despite nothing new about the trade war, and can’t be bothered the US don’t do business with one or many companies. All these negative-minded speculations are only one objective. Is it pushing the market higher or lower?

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