How Do You Trade Palo Alto Earnings 2020 | Mini Sharing

One thing you have to know about this stock, Palo Alto (PANW), is it NEVER hold its gap up, EASY to read, and easy to SHORT.
How Do You Trade Palo Alto Earnings

I traded 4 company stocks with 100% in profits last Friday (May 22). One of them is Palo Alto Network Inc (PANW). Because of its earnings awake my BEAST MODE.

PANW stock price gap up in pre-market after the company provided its strong earnings. Multiple analysts upgraded their price target on PANW.

PANW Earnings
PANW Earnings Result
PANW Upgrades
PANW Upgrade Calls

Many of you out there are still struggling

Today’s professional traders still do not know how to read the earnings report. The moment I read at the earnings numbers and multiple calls, I laughed at it and made a decision the stock on my PrepWork.

PANW earnings beat on revenues with in-line guidance. Multiple upgrade calls at Wells Fargo, Mizuho, Piper Sandler, Barclays, DA Davidson, Jefferies, Oppenheimer and many others.

Mini Trader

Multiple Profits

Before the market, I placed a limit order at 242.30. BOOM near 242 at open, I put a market order, 3 points profit in 3 minutes. 20 minutes later, BOOM, my limit order was filled by the platform. Within 30 minutes, close my positions with 9 points gain. After my 1 hours trading at the market, PANW stock price slowly moved up. Nevertheless, it was a great short at 242 and flushed down to 233.

May 24 PANW Chart scaled
PANW Chart

What's Next

Will PANW stock go up after the strong earnings and many upgrade calls by the analyst? Yes, it certainly continued to go up 10 points and more in the next few days. But I profit 12 points first at the short side in an hour job, then your turn to gain at the long side in the next few days or weeks.

With great Knowledge, Comes great Money

At my Mini Sharing, the psychology and skills of trading at this earnings and upgrade plays. It’s a ton of the opportunities to profit every quarter, every day until you don’t feel like to trade, seriously!

History repeats over and over again. Just what I posted PANW profit in the Year 2019. Click HERE  Knowing the move behind the news and analyst, we know PANW must sell-off the most of its gains. So we laughed at it.

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