Good Profit Before Xmas

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Every Sunday, I exclusively share with the group of Mini Traders how and why I called each idea before the markets open. Share my special technique behind the set-up. Share the move behind the move.

I am glad to receive the results by them, showing me that they make another good profits before Christmas. I believe these impressive track records from the group will bring even more.

Nike Profit 1
Nike Profit 2

During the mini trading sharing session, Mini Traders are often being shared to look beyond the trade and understand the move before it happens. In addition to the mini mailing list I send about the new stock pick every week, I am sure Mini Traders able to evolve to their own trading style, be it they like to do fast scalp trade, day trade, short-term or long-term swing trade. After a few months, they get there. Then one day, I will depend on them to give me the call to follow blindly with confidence. I hope my dream come true.

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I occasionally share stocks and indices to friends only. Things have gone well in the past few years. I feel good when sharing enthusiasm and interest in stock trading. With this in mind, I love to share with people interested in learning to trade in the stock market, and they do the same thing by sharing their experience with others after attending my sharing session.

I do not share the chart basics knowledge such as candlesticks, volume.

I only share a proven trading skills with you. They are two different type of skill levels. The professional skill level is how to read chart properly using my way. The next level of trading skill is that you don’t read the chart and fundamental, however, you know the stock market move before the move.

Trading is not always easy. In this community group, we only share the high-probability stock that we will mostly be trading. By sharing, it does become easier.