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Though Netflix, the Tech stocks and market ended last week in negative territory in a mostly broad-based decline, one thing to know about on a more positive note is the stock market trend has an upward bias.
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Netflix, Be Spoilt For Choice, How To

I am waiting, waiting, and waiting …… waiting for an excellent showcase at 450 level from Netflix 492.99 since after I presented the idea for Mini Traders last week. My mind is only want to go for a long position.

I read Netflix earnings report, that was a mixture report. Then I knew Netflix would become vulnerable to at least a short-term shakeout of sorts with the next show not coming into play until about the 450-465 level.

The next trading day, Netflix gap down at open (last Monday) that was expected. Go up and down, pretty volatile at a fast pace. This time I look at the chart, it touched 485 and bounced. I know, hit the Buy button and got entry 486.110. Boom! Capital gain USD 609.50 within 20 minutes.

Waiting and waiting…. until Netflix gap down at open (last Friday) that was not the price I look for it yet. I still see the chart, and the price was just up then fill the gap. Hit the Buy button and got an entry 477.780 at a high price. Boom! Capital gain USD 205.00 within 2 minutes.

So I’m still waiting….465 below to come.

I seldom use the chart to trade the market, but I cannot help when I look at it every single minute to form the bar. I get ready to do fast scalp, else I continue to hear the sound of coins falling to the ground.

Quote Just watch and Learn

Double Treats!

Boom Boom!!! Netflix spoils me with Free 24 months premium subscription service.

Netflix Subscription Plan

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