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Leisure travel might not be possible even if you got free air tickets as most of the countries have restrictions including requiring quarantines at arrival.
Leisure Travel

How to Travel (Trade) Leisurely

Travelling abroad used to be relatively easy. Pick a country, book airline and hotel reservations, and you are ready to go. Leisure travel is something that everyone loves to go when you think of travelling and exploring any destination with your family & friends or solo.

For now, my leisure travel needs to stop even when I get a pair of FREE air tickets to the US. In this case, I traded Southwest Airlines and US Futures last week. Profit after another profit from the stock market.

I told Mini Traders last Sunday (July 12, 2020) that DOW Futures lag behind Nasdaq Futures isn’t an issue because earnings season has scheduled and begun for July 14. The stocks climb and extend gains for sure.

U.S. Futures Trade

Everyone get set and ready. Buy and add on weakness when DOW and NASDAQ Futures flush down at open on July 14. Boom Boom Boom! Profit from DOW Futures less than 6 hours, and the profit of NASDAQ Futures was less than 2 hours.

Airlines Trade

The next was to claim the free air tickets from the swing idea given to my community members. Shhiiiiuuuuu~~~~~ break through the 2nd line, triggering the buy point and add on weakness. The happier we are when the plan approaches the ground. Boom Boom Boom~~ fly off even higher above the 1st line.

Capital deployed SGD 2000 maximum and traded 600 units.

Will this plane fly higher at the current price? I took the partial profit from the Southwest Airlines company stock. What do you think? I think the gorgeous flight attendant is right. There are more rooms upside to go, BUT you get my PrepWork, you start first, you are the first ones to get it at lower entry price with HUGE WIN.

Jul 19 Quote

A New Normal For The Next Level Of Trading Skills

And even if travel picks up again, it will be a different experience. Similar to the knowledge received by Mini Trader through my Mini Sharing Session, they able to evolve to their trading style, be it they like to make fast scalp, day trade, short-term or long-term swing trade. Trade stocks without using the chart and the ability to trade confidently without stop-loss. They know well the right move behind the move, see news behind the news purpose. These are a new normal for Mini Trader at the next level of any professional traders out there.

Keep It Simple. There’s confidence, and then there’s arrogance.

Quote - My Secret is Simple

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