Expert’s Simple Strategy To Profit From Walmart’s Stock Rise | Mini Sharing 2020

Simple Strategy. Drink and chill at home get better with my great tips.
Simple Strategy

Boring Yet Simple Strategy

Last night, I was excited to watch Live and Comprehensive coverage of the 2020 Singapore General Election result at 10 pm / 10:30 pm. Still have time, I made the fast scalp trade to get money from the market. So I traded Wall Street Futures with only 1 unit, and gain SGD 191.61 within 40 minutes. Boring, Simple, No Brainer, Comfortable go Long Futures for all-day up. The live show begins then I close the position at any price despite all-day up.


Just 3 weeks back, I shared Stocks To Buy as Economy Reopen. It was then trading at about $119.85, and then there were zig-zag went up and pulled back never go below $117.75, now the stock rise towards $130.68. 

What great sincere tips! Over 10 points in gains delivered for you.

It’s ridiculous the money you can make in Stock Trading Interest’s Blog. Just by waiting for me to find you that set-up from the moment you come in.

I have had a lot of traders asking me:

So many profits taking and the virus records surge every day, can it still go higher?

Well, Mini Traders are at a different level from so-called professional out there.

I just simply pick the big name at the retail sector, like Walmart, Costco Wholesale, Amazon. You go in any mart and buy things sure get free shopping.

With my guidance and skills you receive, you can get started with mini investment but to get the most significant returns. I know that may sound extreme. Perhaps, you must know. We are at a different level.

No Brainer

You see all professional traders, events, videos and books showing you with all the secrets, that is one common thing you will definitely be educated and trained for:

  • “Likely to see some consolidation before an attempt to push higher again.”
  • “More confirmation required for now but look positive if it can hold.”
  • “Only a firm bullish move above this level preferably can see the upside reversal continue and more short term upside to play out “
  • “More selling pressure can happen towards this level, cautious long positions.”
  • “They can still more upside if certain key support levels hold for now.”

Comes to this advice and guidance, that’s FOOLISH. My guide never has NO and IF or BUT even a STOP LOSS.

Jul 11 Quote Replace every What If


I want you to have the opportunity to make life-changing gains. Understanding this very simple strategy — Do the opposite way.

Are you Ready?

Jul 11 Quote Dear Past Dear Future

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