Expert Trading Ideas 2020: Why Mini Trader SHORT and LONG $LLY

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Expert Trading Ideas

On May 03 (Sunday), a recent Trading Tips, Eli Lilly (LLY), came out as expert trading ideas and presented in my blog.

$LLY is a simple chart reading and analysis. Everyone can do it.
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As usual, I came out of the Prep Work as my game plan on May 03.

The next day, I want to buy any price below 152 level. The stock gapped up well on the market up at 155 level. I went short the stock with a mini size, merely 50 units, towards the level 152 below. 10% profit within a short timeframe. Not too bad with such surprise.

Soon, I notified by the platform entered the advanced order 153.30 I placed on Sunday with 50 units only if CFD, which requires one thousand cash margin. Then, I kept adding at any price below 152.

The magic is the NUMBER despite knowing the move. Boom! I short $LLY at the open for the fast scalp, because it doesn’t deserve gap-up. Next, it goes well according to the game plan I want from 150-152 to 158-159. Beyond that, it’s a pleasant bonus.

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