Enjoying Wine and Trading

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Enjoying Wine and Trading
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It was a Friday night. Get the Indices market bought me a bottle of wine from the supermarket. Go home, watch TV, enjoy wine while waiting for the US markets open, knowing my next stock to trade already when the bell opens.

Profit from Wall Street. Within 1 day. Traded 1 unit.
Profit from Sleep Number Corp. Within an hour. Traded 400 units
Profit from Intel Corp. Within 20 minutes. Traded 400 units.

This week was simply an incredible week full of opportunities. I enjoyed many stocks I traded when I work outside at a quiet place and inside at cozy home. Also, I shared my thought and movement in my community about the stock pick and the game plan.

In my community, all are knowing the trades going to do before it happens. Know the move up or move down first. Know the turning point. Know it stops at where and how it reacts. All you need to do is to use my community as your trading tool for better trading outcomes. Look at your chart, use your skills, your observation, your strategy, your experience, your feeling, your guts, and your sixth sense to do a great job. Congrats to traders took the trade.

I know my strategy that is no patience. Believe in taking profit when green. Believe in cutting loss when red. It’s a simple trading action regardless of the market up or down.

You may ask, “can I still enter now?”. Well, I cannot advise. I know the same stocks I had finished one round, because of the game plan I have a second round to go. I am tending to exit first before exercising any new positions.

Since I already shared about a strategy to use for earnings trade, that is nothing more than buying into earnings and holding into earnings. Netflix was an example. However, I seldom use it because I do not have patience. Perhaps, I will share another stock tomorrow before it happens — no promise.

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I occasionally share stocks and indices to friends only. Things have gone well in the past few years. I feel good when sharing enthusiasm and interest in stock trading. With this in mind, I love to share with people interested in learning to trade in the stock market, and they do the same thing by sharing their experience with others after attending my sharing session.

I do not share the chart basics knowledge such as candlesticks, volume.

I only share a proven trading skills with you. They are two different type of skill levels. The professional skill level is how to read chart properly using my way. The next level of trading skill is that you don’t read the chart and fundamental, however, you know the stock market move before the move.

Trading is not always easy. In this community group, we only share the high-probability stock that we will mostly be trading. By sharing, it does become easier.