Earnings Deluge Versus Market Record High

Singapore Foundain
July25 Chart

For the past 3 days, I posted Singapore indoor waterfall every day. Finally, the ship is sinking like raining. Nothing much to say. As usual, spot on. The market is all time high together with today has a deluge of Earnings result release. Where is the challenge when we know the movement. Plan the trade. Trade the plan. Just like I recently opened a new trading account. I then was able to trade Intra-Celluar because the other trading platform does not have the stock name available to trade.

Profit from Wall Street. Within 8 hours.
Profit from Coca Cola again. Within 1 day.
Profit from Intra-Celluar. Within 1 day. Took partial positions.

What’s the next move? Check it out by yourself.

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