DOW Surrendered in 2020. Get Me Out At Any Cost


A bruising battle ends a very bloody week. DOW sheds 3600 points in one week.

Many investors are saying this “Get me out at any cost”. Many panic traders are telling this “suddenly sell-off…. suddenly turn loss to profit…..lucky… suddenly turn up…..phew” So many words from them are sudden and sudden and sudden. Roll eyes, isn’t it? 😏 And next, many people are speaking to you “Don’t trade…risky…so many suddens.”

On Sunday before the bloody week, I shared a swing trade idea, DTE, with the trading skills and game plan to the group. Guidance, entry, exit, and cut loss in the step by step. Price was 135. Mini cut loss at 134 only. The next trading day, we all set — Boom Boom Boom. A sudden sell-off…lucky….sudden hit below cut loss….Lucky…suddenly tumble…Phew…

Mini Traders who learn from me certainly know that there is no cut loss, no sudden. If happen there is a cut loss, we are uncertain to the move, but given the high-probability trade setup. Give it a try. For this case, the bloody market never gives us a chance.

Mini Traders had moved into a new home. I continued to share many trade ideas with guidance and coaching. At the beginning of February, we already started to trade many rounds on the Futures market. All are in good money. Not only that, I presented the trade idea to Mini Traders group within 22 days. That was a total of 35 game plans starting from US Futures. Amazing!

GamePlan Feb

Mini Traders have started to trade less towards the end of the month. We don’t want to give back S11 to the market after many rounds of consistency profitable trades. The last trade for the month was TDOC in the group. At 9 pm, I presented to the group with a simple game plan, yet I feel the company stock stupid. Boom Boom Boom! 10 minutes. We all done for the night. Get ready for next month.

I am happy to coach Mini Trader who is newly joining us. He is good after learning a simple technique and then practice live in the stock market. In our cosy new home, I presented a stock-pick TTD in our private message and carried out the interactive session before the market opening. He is ready and gets set. Boom Boom Boom. He makes one round of profit at open. If he wants to, he can make another round.

Tomorrow is March. Our P&L all reset to 0. I am in the beast mode because the market is never presenting ever so muchhh opportunities to make S11 for everyone.

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