DOW Slide For 4th Straight Days. Painful !


I asked the group last Saturday, what do you think of the market? Mini Traders told me one word DOW “DOWN”. True enough. It’s down down down down.

The group are capable of making a profit from both directions, Long and Short.

At 7:50am, I shared with the group in the morning early. What do you think of the U.S Futures market? What are you waiting for? Boom Boom Boom! Cheong for an hour. I traded 2 rounds, one morning and one evening.

When I was having my lunch, I read the news and laugh at it. OMG. This must be kidding me. I quickly shared with the group on the trade idea that we are going to trade EVER at night.

So I presented to them the TOP and BOTTOM. What else? I gave them the DIRECTION too, up first then down. The market opens then Boom Boom Boom, down from 45/46, up from 37/38. But I was very pekchek. The platform does not allow to short the company stock. Bo bian, wait for the bottom come then long it. What a dull trade EVER!

What else? SHAK! Another kind. Same Same! I can make 2 round of profit. End up 1 round. The platform cannot do short. Sianz! 

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