Dow drops nearly 900 points


The most valuable thing to remember as a Mini Trader when DOW market is pulling 700-800-900-1000 points.

It’s solely just another buying opportunity with the guidance found in our Mini Trader group.

Dow900 1

Before the market opens, at 9:23pm, I told Mini Traders what stock to look for. Simply close eyes can also trade with confidence and profitable. No fear at all.

Boom Boom Boom. I traded my favourite Netflix one round and another round. Very fast with 50 units and then 100 units.

I cannot be more precise and clear for the trade idea given to the group.

Daily trade, swing trade, fast trade, and many more. Every day is an opportunity for making S11. It’s incredible!

I made another trade from TTD. Boom Boom Boom! 8 minutes with mini size and 10% gain.

I love to trade alone because no emotion. I also love to give the trade idea to the group to learn and profit from it.

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