DAX Futures Took Profit and What’s Next?

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I posted DAX Futures to watch out in my public community group. Of course, I would mostly be trading and I traded it by adding on strength in Buy direction. Let it ride and resume the trend, then I go my usual run and dinner. Took profit before the US market opens, simply because I do not like the move, and importantly, not greedy. Separately, I also posted a Singapore stock to watch out in other public community platform.

Profit from DAX Futures. Within 6 hours. Traded 3 units.

Congrats to traders took the trade. Overall, did well this week. I am more keen the performance next week. What will be the market outlook next week? Actually, I did say something last 2 posts and the overall trend I posted last Sunday.

Knowing is one thing. Action is another matter. The important thing that it is consistent and not greedy. There are always many opportunities in the stock market. My Telegram’s community group is opened for traders who are interested to trade together in the stock markets, such as SGX, NYSE, NASDAQ and Indices market. Helping each other for better trading outcomes. Any quality idea will be posted in the group for reference use. Traders who are attended my trading sharing session. See the idea, they know what to do. Soon, their skills will get evolved. Everyone has their own style that will surely fit your needs. Trading is not always easy. But with passion and dedication each and every day, it does become easier. The group only starts when I see a number of traders join. Sharing is caring.

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