Companies Stock Like My Valentines

Time flies. We have stepped into 2020 New Year, followed by Chinese New Year, and upcoming Valentine’s Day. The past one month has been phenomenal for us.

Spot-on well on US Futures. We make many rounds of profits. I gave professional guidance to the group of Mini Traders. Not that they can’t make a profit anywhere else, but the opportunities I presented allows for nearly stress-free trading — Huat Huat Huat.

Since Jan 05, I keep trading in the stock market, guiding the group, presenting trade ideas, giving the alerts, sharing new trading skills to the group of Mini Traders. I finally made a loss last week. And quickly, I made it up a loss. The trading journey is eventful, and it is inevitable to gain countless silly experiences. I was using a powerful strategy to buy ABMD into Earnings 4 days later. I traded it with two times — one win and one loss. Silly me! I didn’t get out before earnings, and hit the cut loss I told the group. Happily, other Mini Traders profit from it.

I presented the trade idea to the group of Mini Traders in the past one month. That was a total of 41 game plans starting from IGMS.

With the same counter, we made one round profit and another round profit, like NFLX, CRWD, and so on.
Some stocks ran too fast at the market open, and we cannot react. We then gave a miss. Most of the companies stock are well-scripted to respond accordingly. Taking action or not, was an entirely individual decision.

Companies stock like my Valentines. Once I finished dating her. Well, thanks for her. I see her tomorrow. I probably date her again, trade her again. Maybe or maybe not. After all, it is pretty lovely knowing her.

For now, I stop trading for a while since my last loss. I am currently preparing for a new home. And then, send the invitation for Mini Traders to come together, find ideas, ask questions and find their own Valentine for better trading outcomes.

I wish everyone having a beautiful Valentine’s Day.

I Loved you yesterday
I Love you still
I Always have ...
I Always will

My day is not complete without thinking of you - Stock Market.
You are my one and only love keep giving S11 gift for us.

Happy Valentine's Day

If you are interested in joining the group, contact me.

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I occasionally share stocks and indices to friends only. Things have gone well in the past few years. I feel good when sharing enthusiasm and interest in stock trading. With this in mind, I love to share with people interested in learning to trade in the stock market, and they do the same thing by sharing their experience with others after attending my sharing session.

I do not share the chart basics knowledge such as candlesticks, volume.

I only share a proven trading skills with you. They are two different type of skill levels. The professional skill level is how to read chart properly using my way. The next level of trading skill is that you don’t read the chart and fundamental, however, you know the stock market move before the move.

Trading is not always easy. In this community group, we only share the high-probability stock that we will mostly be trading. By sharing, it does become easier.